Flooring Preparation

Preparation is an essential part of any resin application. Methods of preparation depend upon the floor requirements.
All our machinery is electrically tested and is vacuum controlled to minimise the risk of airborne dust.
Listed below are a few examples of different methods we undertake.

  • Floor grinding to remove coatings

    Coatings may need to be removed back to the substrate before new coatings are applied.
    In order to remove the coatings and keep the preparation profile to a minimum we recommend diamond grinding.

    This process removes the existing paint coats and provides the substrate with a medium depth key for the re-coat.
    This ensures good coverage for the existing coatings which will save customers money when buying materials especially on large projects.

  • Light to heavy shot blasting

    For bare concrete a light blast is ideal to provide a light key for the subsequent coatings.
    To remove several layers of stubborn paint, a medium to heavy blast may be required as this would be more cost effective than the slower grinding process.
    Heavy blasts are also used before the application of polyurethane screeds in large areas.
    The down fall of this method is blasting can be tricky in confined areas so diamond grinding might be preferred.

  • Heavy duty removal and preparation

    Concrete surfaces that have polyurethane or epoxy screeds or thick cement screeds may need to be removed by a floor planer.
    This machine quickly removes screeds by cutting deep groves through the top of the screed.
    This method is often used to reduce high spots in concrete where diamond grinding is slow. 
    It can also be used for removing oil contaminated concrete surfaces.
    The planed floor can be diamond ground to reduce the profile thus reducing material costs during over coating or screeding.

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