Terrazzo Flooring

This epoxy or PU decorative and functional flooring is applied in supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, pharmaceutical and chemical plants. It is laid with a trowel typically at 10mm or 8mm and is ground and polished down to 8mm or 6mm exposing the decorative aggregate including mother of Pearl, coloured glass, flint and marble. This system offers high performance and functionality similar to that of Polyurethane screeds but offers a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Most suppliers stock a large range of colours and aggregates to blend with the surrounding decor. Terrazzo can be re-polished and re-sealed repeatedly if the floor is damaged.  If adequately maintained, terrazzo should last many years.

Areas for application

  • Shopping centres
  • Pharmaceutical clean rooms
  • Chemical plants
  • Office reception areas
  • Art galleries and museums
  • Schools
  • WC areas
  • Public areas and kitchen areas in restaurants  
  • Hospitals

Advantages of Terrazzo Flooring

Advantages of Terazzo flooring

  • Terrazzo polished systems transform commercial and clean room environments into bright inviting spaces.
  • An almost endless number of colour and texture combinations are available.
  • The use of stainless, aluminium and brass trims can be utilised to divide colours in the floor to highlight your company logo or a particular design.
  • Seamless screeds provide an easy to clean environment.
  • Terrazzo flooring is very hardwearing and scratch resistant.
  • Polished terrazzo can maximise light reflection and brighten your space.
  • You can choose any colour from our suppliers standard charts or any special colour from BS and RAL charts.


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