Polished Concrete Flooring

The process of polishing concrete involves using coarse diamonds on a 4 head grinding machine to expose the aggregate followed by progressively finer diamonds to the required sheen or polish. Utilising new or old concrete can transform your floor from a dull matt finish to a bright polished finish without the need for covering with a separate floor. A stain resistant penetrative seal coat can be added to ensure the concrete is protected from staining. This floor can be used in retail outlets, warehouses and dry production areas.

Polished Concrete Toppings

Cement toppings or leveling screeds are traditionally applied to concrete or screed floors which require leveling due to deterioration of the slab or screed prior to applying the required floor finish. Over recent years leveling screeds have been developed to offer two purposes to customers. The first purpose is to obtain a smooth leveled surface and the second is to achieve a polished finish. There is no requirement for further epoxy toppings.
If you are looking for a polished concrete finish but your existing concrete floor is in poor condition applying a polished cement screed is an impressive alternative.
There are different colour options available and once polished, a protective seal coat is applied ensure your floor is protected from stains.
If your required look is more of a rustic finish, the screed can remain unpolished and a clear seal coat applied. Visually there will be trowel marks/sweeps that are present during the installation which are normally removed during polishing and the overall look is more natural. By removing the polishing process this would also reduce the overall cost per m2

Areas for applications

  • Shopping centres
  • DIY stores
  • Dry process production areas
  • Warehouse and distribution centres
  • Office reception areas
  • Outdoor walkway areas
  • Art galleries and museums
  • Schools
  • Public areas

Advantages of polished concrete

Advantages of polished concrete

  • Polish your existing concrete floor to reveal its natural beauty and transform it into a warm inviting space.
  • New concrete can be laid and polished after 7 - 10 days.
  • Utilising existing seamless concrete provides you with a cost effective, low maintenance floor without the need to apply a separate floor covering.
  • Polished concrete is very hardwearing and scratch resistant .
  • Polished concrete can maximise light reflection and brighten your space.
  • Stain resistant seal coats can be applied for added protection.
  • Outdoor spaces are polished to a matt or semi-gloss finish to improve slip resistance.

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